v.3.0.9 (12/9/2009)

The following Rogue Guide was created by CaseyJ on Spirestone for the
guild Vereor-Nos for beginning rogues. It reflects my approach to the
Rogue Class and overtime I hope to make additions to the guide.



This was taken from Aldriana at ElitestJerks.com

Tier 9 Helm, Shoulders, Chest, and Legs
Neck: Collar of Ceaseless Torment (Toc 10 - Northrend Beasts)
Back: Vereesa's Dexterity (ToC 25 - Tribute Chest)
Wrist: Bracers of Dark Determination (ToC 25 - Anub'arak)
Hands: Gloves of the Silver Assassin (ToC 10 - Grand Champions)
Waist: Belt of the Merciless Killer (ToC 25 - Twin Valks)
Feet: Treads of the Icewalker (ToC 25 - Grand Champions)
Finger: Ring of Callous Aggression (ToC 25 - Grand Champions)
Finger: Planestalker Signet (ToC 10 - Lord Jaraxxus)
Trinket: Death's Verdict (ToC 25 - Twin Valks)
Trinket: Comet's Trail (Ulduar - Algalon)
Mace: Remorseless (ToC 25 - Tribute Chest)
Easier Mace: The Grinder or Blackhorn Bludgeon (ToC 10 - Anub'arak)
Dagger: Steel Bladebreaker (ToC 25 - Northrend Beasts)
Thrown: Talonstrike (ToC 25 - Lord Jaraxxus)

Proffesions: Blacksmith/Jewlcrafting
Gems: 1 Nightmare Tear in the helm, everything else straight Armore Penetration.
Enchants: All enchants the obvious thing; boots are Cat's Swiftness, not because it's best for sustained DPS but because I suspect we'll find it to be a good idea in general from what I've seen so far.
Talent build: Combat Maces and looks something like this: Maces 15/51/5. There is no rupture in this rotation. Only Slice and Dice and Eviscerate.



Poison specific shiv:
#show Merciless Gladiator's Shiv
/equipslot 17 Merciless Gladiator's Shiv
/cast shiv

/use [target=player] Heavy Netherweave Bandage

Announce Blind:
/cast [target=focus, exists] Blind; blind;
/party Blinding %t

Use before Preperation
#show preparation
/cast shadowstep
/cast sprint
/cast [nostealth] Evasion
/cast Preparation

Basic Attack (Stealth if possible)
#show hemorrhage
/use [combat] Bloodlust Brooch
/cast [nostealth] stealth
/cast [combat] Hemorrhage

Throw or Deadly Throw
/cast deadly throw
/cast throw


There is a lot of debate about which talent build is best. This is a good thing for rogues. Having no clear winner because of different gear, weapons, group makeup, bosses etc means that you should be encouraged to play around with different builds to see what works for you. Below is just my preference:

Best for leveling: Combat Swords or Fists (Swords is probably better since Fist weapons are hard to find while leveling up. Swords can be used to quickly kill the mob while a dagger spec has to gouge/kidney shot to get behind the mob.)
Best for 5 man raiding: Mutilate (Allows for quick combo point generation for longer stun locks or to get quicker to a finishing blow)
Best for 10/25 man raids: Combat Swords
Best for arena 3v3 PvP: Depends on group make up. Lots of Rogue/Mage/Priest go Mutilate. However most rogues will be Shadowstep.


1-10 (The basics of leveling)
At this early stage you should just follow the beginner quests. This not only provides XP (experience) but also gives decent starting gear so your rogue wont be naked. Kill all the mobs on your way to and from the quest. Many times the XP from the mobs will be greater then the quest reward. Try and complete multiple quests at once so you aren't wasting time running back and forth to town. If a quest takes you to a new area, there are likely other quests that can be found there. If you don't know how to complete a quest, you can consult Thottbot or Wowhead or ask a friendly player or guild mate.

Grinding vs Questing
For better XP, focus on quests that overlap in location or mobs, are close to town, or are high volume kill quests like "Go to the murlocs camp and kill 40 of them". Also some quests have good equipment rewards that will be worth the extra time completing. Beware of travel time while questing. If you can get as much XP killing 10 mobs as turning in a quest and if it takes 5 mins to run to town and run back, then grinding would have produced twice as much XP. There are some quests like "Night Watch" and "Missing Diplomat" that should probably be avoided since they are a series of delivery quests that are low in XP and poor quest rewards. Good mobs for grinding are those that spawn quickly, can be pulled apart, are easy to kill and drop good loot. Grinding green mobs where you don't have to eat between fights can be more XP then yellow level mobs that may cause you to have longer downtime between fights.

10-19 (Taking on a profession)
In general the gatherer professions of skinning, mining and herbalism will make you money while the crafting professions will cost you money. I took Herbalism/Alchemy because it is a profession that is always useful no matter what level. And very useful once you reach 60 for healing potions, free action potions. There is some cool armor you can make as a leatherworker, but for a few items at 60, it's personal usefulness diminishes. Although making Devilsaur Gloves and Pants can make you a lot of gold. Before logging out for the night, a good habit is to hearth/fly to Ironforge, use the auction house, repair, buy reagents, and learn new skills.

Talents: The early talents I took were improved Sinister Strike (bread and butter) and Malice (increase critical strike chance)
Combos: Sinister Strike (SS) and Eviscerate were the main combos with Gouge + Firstaid if getting low on health in a tough fight.
Grinding locations: Darkshore ghosts at Ameth'Aran; Westfall Defias Thugs

20-29 (Rogue Quests - Lockpicking and Poisons)
You can get the lockpicking quest from the SI:7 Rogue Trainer in Stormwind at level 16 called "Redridge Rendezvous". You can buy the lockpicking tools from the Shady Dealer in SI:7. You will then have to go see Lucias in Lakeshire in Redridge Mountain who will give you another quest called "Alther's Mill". Follow the road north east out of town and you should see the Mill north of the lake. Use the practice chests to bring your lockpicking skill up to 100 and then unlock Lucia's Chest and return to him to complete the quest.

The poison quest you can obtain at level 20 in Westfall from Agent Kearnen called "Klaven's Tower". The tower is south east from Sentinel Hill along the river. You will need to pickpocket the lone bigger mob circling the bottom of the tower for the Defias Tower Key. Then sneak to the top of the tower, sap Klaven and open the chest he is guarding. Return to Master Mathias Shaw in Stormwind. He will then ask you go to see the Doc downstairs after which you will now have the ability to make poisons using reagents purchased from Shady Dealers and Poison Dealers.

Talents: Improved Eviscerate and Improved Gouge
Combos: For melee mobs I was using: Ambush> SS> SS> SS> Eviscerate | and for casters: Cheap Shot> SS> Kick> SS> Eviscerate
Grinding locations: Wetland murlocs; Duskwood spiders, skeletons, ogres

30-39 (Grouping and Instances)
Instances can take a long time to complete especially if your group wipes because of inexperience, no healer, or just bad luck. Instances are a bad places to go just for XP, but can often result in getting good items and making cash. I would recommend getting a high level character to rush you threw. Although if the quest rewards are good, and you can't find someone to escort you, a public group may be an option. No one seems to be using meeting stones so just look for a group forming in Ironforge or the town closest to the entrance.
The role of the rogue is to deal damage and the occasional sap. Stay in stealth as much as possible. Know which mob is being pulled. A good position to be is a few steps in front of the main tank to open with Ambush or Cheapshot.
In Deadmines there is a great chest piece (Tunic of Westfall) from a quest, and a sword drop (Cruel Barb) from Vancleef
In Gnomergen there is a great pair of pants (Triprunner) from a quest, and a dagger drop (Toxic Revenger) from a boss that can be soloed although difficult.

Talents: Ruthlessness, Relentless Strike, Lethality
Combos: For elites and PvP I began doing a stun lock combo: Cheap Shot> SS> Gouge + Wait 3> Kidney Shot> SS> SS> Eviscerate
Grinding locations: Desolace at Thunder Axe Fortress and Naga Island; Alterac Valley ogres and Syndicate Assassins; Stranglethorn at Kurzens camp (Kurzen's cave is safer from ganking) and Bloodscalp Trolls and Venture Co. Geologists

Talents: Murder, Improved Slice and Dice, to get Cold Blood. And Opportunity and Improved Ambush for a talent build at 50 that looks like 21/5/13.
Combos: For taking on 3 mobs at once I would sap one, blind the second leaving 1 left to kill quickly with ColdBlood + Eviserate.
Grinding locations: In Tanaris the WasteWanders and Southsea Sashbucklers. In Badlands the caveman looking mobs at Murdaloc's camp. In Hinterlands the Vilbranch Trolls at Altur of Zul.

50-59 Getting Better Gear
There is a lot of good gear that can be acquired doing quests:
Ebon Mask: At 52 there is a four part Rogue quest that begins with the Rogue Trainer downstairs in Iron Forge called A Simple Request that has you visit Lord Ravenholdt. Lord Ravenholdt in Hillsbrad and gives the quest Sealed Azure Bag. The Azure Bag is in Azshara which you will need to pickpocket or loot from a Timbermaw Shawman. Take the Azure Bag to a elf called Sanath Lim-Yo in Azshara at 28,50 who will teleport you up to the mountain. Follow the path higher up the mountain to turn in the quest to Archmage Xylon. He will then give you the quest Encoded Fragments. The fragments can be pickpocketed or looted from Forest Oozes in the North East of Azshara. Turning in the Fragments to Xylon gives you The Azure Key. The dragon Morphez is in Sunken Temple and chained with a second dragon. He can not be stunned or blinded and has a DoT.

Talents: Improved Sap, Initiative, Preperation, Improved Backstab.
Combos: (Triple Ambush - good against mages) Ambush > Blind > Exit Combat & Stealth > Ambush > Vanish > Ambush
Grinding locations: In Searing Gorge miners in the Cauldron - also chests there to level up lockpicking.
In Aszhara the Blood Elves at Legash Encampment. In Felwood the Jaedenars. In Western Plaguelands at Northridge Lumber Camp and Anderhol Ruins (avoid the Searing Corpses)

This list is not the best equipment, just what is reasonable for a casual player to get with high AEP (Agility Equivalent Points) stats, so it doesn't include epic gear, high level PvP gear, or gear from Molten Core/Black Wing Lair/Zul Grub.

HANDS: Devilsaur Gauntlets made by Leatherworker.
LEGS: Devilsaur Leggings made by Leatherworker.
SHOULDERS: Shadowcraft Spaulders 10% drop Live Strath. or Wyrmtongue 13% drop Live Strath. Flamescarred Shoulders 20% drop from Kalendris in DM West
WAIST: Mugger's Belt a 20% drop from Captain Kromcrush in Dire Maul or Serpentine Sash 30g in Auction
HEAD: Ghostshroud 20% drop from Chest 7 in BRD. Ebon Mask Quest
BRACES: Braces of the Eclipse. 20% drop from Prince Tortheldrin in Dire Maul West
FEET: Pads of the Dread Wolf a 14% drop of LBRS Halycon. Dunestalker raid quest reward
TRINKET: Blackhand's Breadth quest reward in UBRS. Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom. Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas
NECK: Will of the Martyr quest reward in Stratholme or Mark of Fordring also Strathholme quest. Darkmoon Amulet.
CHEST: Nightbrace Tunic 20% drop from Solakar in UBRS. Cadaverous in Scholo
BACK: Cape of the Black Baron 9% Strath. Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape 19% Strath.
FINGER: PainWeaver 15% drop from General in UBRS, Band of Flesh 10% Strath or Tarnished Elven 16% DM North Tribute. Don Julio's Ring AV Exalted

LEVEL 70 LOOT WATCH LIST (being new to Karazhn)

Head: Stealther's Helmet of Second Sight (Quest: SMV), Helm of the Claw (Quest: CFR)
Neck: Choker of Vile Intent (25 BoJ), Worgen Claw Necklace (Karazhan), Natasha's Choker (Quest: BEM)
Shoulder: Mantle of Perenolde (Epoch Hunter), Wastewalker Shoulderpads (SteamVaults), Shoulderpads of Assassination (Sethek)
Chest: Vest of Vengence (BF), Tunic of Assassination (Mechenar)
Waist: Socrethar's Girdle (Quest: Netherstorm)
Legs: Warpscale Leggings (Botanica), Leggings of Assassination (ShadowLabs)
Feet: Edgewalker Longboots (Karazhan), Felboar Hide Shoes (Quest: SMV), Fel Leather Boots (Leatheworker)
Wrist: Primalstrike Bracers (Elemental LW) , Spymistress's Wristguards (Quest)
Hands: Handgrips of Assassination (Black Morass), Cobrascale Gloves (LW)
Finger: Ravenclaw Band (Sethek), Ring of Reciprocity (Lork Kazaak), Garona's Signet Ring (Karazhan)
Trinket: Hourglass of the Unraveller (Black Morass), Abacus of Violent Odds (Mechanar)
Back: Drape of the Dark Reavers (Karazhan), Cloak of the Inciter (Shadowlabs), Cloak of Malice (Shattered)
Ranged: Felsteel Whisper Knives (Blacksmithing) , Sethekk Feather-Darts (Sethek)

LEVEL 80 LOOT WATCH LIST (being new to Naxx 10)
Torment of the Banished (2.6 speed, 143 dps - Nax10: Thaddius: 4th in Abomination wing)
Krol Cleaver (2.6 speed, 143 dps - BoE)
Hatestrike (1.6 speed, 143 dps - Nax 10: Patchwerk: 1st in Abomination wing)
Avool's Sword of Jin (1.5 speed, 143 dps - BoE)
Reaper of Dark Souls (2.7 speed, 130 dps - Ebon Blade Revered)
Fang of Truth (1.5 speed, 120 dps - Wyrmrest Accord Honored)
Anarchy (1.8 speed, 156 dps - Nax 10: Kel'thuzad: Final Boss Frostwyrm Lair)
Knife of Incision (1.8 speed, 143 dps - Nax 10: Anub'Rekhan: 1st in Spider Wing)
The Fleshsaper (1.8 speed, 143 dps - Heroic Halls of Stone: Sjonnir The Ironshaper)
Omen of Ruin (1.5 speed, 143 dps - Random Nax 10 drop)
Titansteel Shanker (1.6 speed, 143 dps - BoE Blacksmithing)
Heroes' Bonescythe Helmet (Nax 10: Kel'thuzad: Final Boss Frostwyrm Lair)
Helm of the Vast Legions (Nax 10: Sapphiron: Second to last boss Frostwyrm Lair)
Mask of the Watcher (Heroic The Oculus: Ley Guardian Eregos)
Collar of Dissolution (Nax 10: Anub'Rekhan: 1st in Spider Wing)
Pendant of the Outcast Hero (25 Badges)
Necklace of Arcane Spheres (Heroic Violet Hold: Xevozz)
Heroes' Bonescythe Pauldrons (Nax 10: Loatheb: 3rd boss Plague Wing)
Spaulders of Resumed Battle (Nax 10: Noth the Plaguebringer: 1st boss Plague Wing)
Sprinting Shoulderpads (Heroic Ahn'kahet: Elder Nadox)
Heroes' Bonescythe Breastplate (Nax 10: Gluth: 3rd in Abomination Wing)
Tunic of Dislocation (Nax 10: Gothik the Harvester: 2nd in Deathnight Wing)
Custodian's Chestpiece (Heroic Azjol-Nerub: Krik'thir the Gatewatcher )
Darkheart Chestguard (Ebon Hold Exalted)
Blistered Belt of Decay (Nax 10: Grobbulus: 2nd in Abomination Wing)
Sharp-Barbed Leather Belt (Heroic Utgarde Keep: Ingvar the Plunderer)
Trollwoven Girdle (Leatherworker BoE)
Heroes' Bonescythe Legplates (Nax10: Thaddius)
Leggings of Discord (Nax 10: Maexxna)
Gored Hide Legguards (Heroic Gundrak: Gal'darah )
Boots of Captain Ellis (40 badges)
Boots of the Worshiper (Nax 10: Grand Widow Faerlina)
Boots of the Neverending Path (Argent Crusade Exalted)
Dragonfriend Bracers (Wyrmrest Accord Exalted)
Cuffs of Dark Shadows (Nax 10: Heigan)
Advanced Tooled-Leather Bands (Heroic Halls of Lightning: Loken)
Heroes' Bonescythe Gauntlets (Nax 10: )
Rapid Attack Glove (Nax 10: Instructor Razuvious)
Gilt-Edged Leather Gauntlets (Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle: King Ymiron)
Handwraps of Preserved History (Quest a Royal Escort in Culling of Strathhome )
Ring of Invincibility (25 badges)
Sealing Ring of Grobbulus (Nax 10: Grobbulus)
Band of the Kirin Tor (8,500 gold)
Hemorrhaging Circle (Heroic Zul'Drak. final boss)
Darkmoon Card Greatness (Darkmoon Nobles Deck)
Mirror of Truth (40 badges)
Loatheb's Shadow (Nax 10: Loatheb)
Meteorite Whetston (Heroic Meteorite Whetston: King Ymiron)
Tears of Bitter Anguish (Random BoE)

BEST 80 ENCHANTS (No Profession Requirements)
Weapon: Bezerking (400 Attack Power, -25% armor proc) Accuracy (25 hit, 25 crit)
Leg: Icescale Leg Armor (22 crit, 75 attack power - Leatherworker)
Gloves: Crusher (44 Attack Power) Major Agility (20 Agility)
Bracer: Greater Assault (50 Attack Power)
Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Axe (40 attack Power, 15 crit - Exalted Sons of Hidor)
Helm: Arcanum of Torment (34 Attack Power, 16 hit - Ebon Hold Revered)
Cloak: Major Agility (22 Agility)
Chest: Powerful Stats(10 stats)
Boots: Icewalk (12hit, 12 crit), Greater Assault (32 Attack Power), Superior Agility (16 Agility)